Liver Transplantation

Liver transplantation surgery is the process of replacing a healthy liver in the place of a damaged liver/failed liver with a healthy liver/portion of a liver from a donor. Liver transplant surgery is done on patients in end-stage chronic liver failure, acute liver failure and liver cancer with no response to other treatments. 

With advanced and state-of-the-art technology, most patients lead a normal life within 3 to 4 months of having the surgery. After surgery, routine health check-ups, proper medication and a healthy lifestyle can aid the patient to increase their lifespan. However, there are slight possibilities of infections, bleeding and minor surgeries after the surgery.

The transplantation procedure takes place when a patient in end-stage liver failure is listed on the organ donation waiting list and they find their donor. It could either be a living donor or deceased donor. In a living donor transplant, the donor donates 20 to 30% of their liver to the recipient. In a deceased donor transplant, patients are offered organs based on the state-wise organ donation list. 

At MGM Healthcare, the decision to perform a liver transplantation surgery is taken only if the process enhances their chances of survival. Mandatory clinical tests, right from blood compatibility to clinical assessment from the concerned consultants, all these contribute to the eligibility criteria for liver transplant used to determine if a person in end-stage liver failure is fit for surgery. Evaluation of the heart, lungs and kidneys is also necessary for liver transplantation surgery. The patients must pass all the eligibility criteria for liver transplantation.

Helmed by one of the best liver transplant surgeons in India, Dr Thiagarajan S (Director of the Institute of Liver Disease, Transplant & HPB Surgery), MGM Healthcare has risen to become one of the best hospitals in India for liver transplant. The surgery is carried out by top liver transplant specialists in India and their prolific nurses team.

Post Operative Care

Post-surgery care plays a significant role in treating patients. The patient is usually taken care of in the liver transplant ICU for 4 to 5 days. They will be under 24X7 observation and the necessary clinical tests, like blood tests and ultrasound tests, ensure their overall wellness. Once the patient shows affirmative signs of organ acceptance, the patient is shifted to the general ward. Patients typically stay in the hospital for about 3-4 weeks after a transplant. Counselling on lifestyle changes and medication will be provided to the patient during their hospital stay.

Importance of Donor

Liver transplantation surgery is possible only when the recipient finds a liver donor. Liver can be donated by:

  1. The family members of a deceased person who has agreed to organ donation
  2. Any living person, known or unknown to the patient, who is a perfect match

When a patient has passed all the eligibility criteria for liver transplantation surgery, they will be registered on the official state transplant waiting list. Parameters like blood compatibility are checked if they receive an offer. Living liver donor transplants are highly recommended and beneficial as the possibility of clinical compatibility with the recipient is higher. 


MGM Healthcare’s Institute of Liver Diseases, Transplant & HPB Surgery is one of the top hospitals in India for liver transplantation with some of India’s best liver transplant surgeons. The Institute treats liver, gallbladder, bile duct and pancreas related-illnesses as well. 


Dr Thiagarajan Srinivasan, rated as one of the best doctors in India for liver transplantation, is the Director of the Institute. Under his leadership, MGM Healthcare has performed path-breaking surgeries in this area. The Institute offers a comprehensive approach towards patient wellness.


This state-of-the-art Institute has more than 100 highly efficient professionals who work round the clock proficiently. In just a short span of a year, it has become the preferred destination for liver transplant surgery in India. The team ensures the highest standard of service that includes liver care services, rapid response teams, plasmapheresis, minimal access liver surgeries and others, with highest success rates and lowest costs.