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Deceased Donor Liver Transplantation or Cadaver Donor Liver Transplantation is a surgery where a portion of the liver is removed from a deceased person and transplanted into the recipient. Deceased donor liver transplantation is performed on a patient who is in the end-stage of liver failure. 

Cirrhosis leads to liver failure, where the liver malfunctions due to severe liver injury. Cirrhosis is a result of excessive alcohol consumption, autoimmune disease, acute liver failure caused by viruses such as hepatitis B and C, the buildup of fat in the liver, liver cancer or hereditary liver diseases.

For patients with severe liver disease, where conventional treatment doesn’t restore liver function, liver transplantation is the life-saving option. Once the physician determines whether the patient is eligible for liver transplantation via clinical, laboratory tests followed by consultation from other organ specialities, the patient’s name is registered on a state-wise organ donation list. 


In a deceased donor liver transplant, the donor could also be a victim of an accident, brain haemorrhage or head injury. Once declared legally brain dead by the doctor, the organ is harvested for donation after taking the family’s consent. The identity of a deceased donor and circumstances surrounding the person’s death are kept confidential. The transplant coordinator will always be available to discuss where the recipient is placed on the waiting list. 

After surgery, the life span of the patient gradually increases. During cadaver donor liver transplantation, the surgery takes about 4 to 14 hours. The damaged liver is removed followed by surgical intervention and the donated liver is transplanted. At MGM Healthcare, the procedure is expertly performed by top deceased donor liver transplant doctors in India.

Post Operative Care

Recipients will be carefully monitored in the ICU to check their body function for organ rejection following the surgery. The patient will be shifted to the general ward depending upon their status. Performing liver tests identify the possibilities of rejection. Patients are prescribed immunosuppressants to prevent rejection. Physiotherapy and dietary counselling are also given. You will receive comprehensive care for your liver treatment at MGM Healthcare, one of the best deceased donor liver transplant centres in India. 

MGM Healthcare is one of the top deceased donor liver transplant hospitals in India. The cost of a deceased donor liver transplantation in India is more economical than other countries. Proper financial planning with insurance plans secure patients’ health. The living donor liver transplant cost in India is estimated at INR 21 to 26 lakh, depending on the type of liver transplant, severity of sickness and comorbidities of the patients. Apart from surgery, patients should plan for medication, laboratory testing and consultations. The cost of medical procedures in India is cheaper than other countries with the added benefit of world-class doctors, technology and infrastructure.


MGM Healthcare’s Institute of Liver Disease, Transplant and HPB Surgery is proud to have the best deceased donor liver transplant specialists in India.

Liver Transplant & HPB Surgeons

Dr Thiagarajan Srinivasan

Senior Consultant & Director

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Dr Karthik Mathivanan

Senior Consultant & Associate Director

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Dr Srikanth Thummala


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Gastroenterologists & Hepatologists

Dr Ravi R

Senior Consultant & Academic Director

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Dr Arulprakash S

Senior Consultant & Clinical Lead

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Dr Tarun John George

Associate Consultant

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Interventional Radiologists

Dr Prabhu Radhan

Senior Consultant & Clinical Coordinator

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Dr Navin Gnanasekaran

Associate Director - Medical Services & Senior Consultant

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Dr Ravindran R

Associate Consultant

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Anaesthesiologists & Critical Care Specialists

Dr Dinesh Babu

Senior Consultant

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Dr Nivash C


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Dr Premkumar R


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MGM Healthcare has the highest success rate for deceased donor liver transplants. The deceased donor liver transplantation success rate is estimated to be between 90% and 95%, depending on their post-surgical recovery. A significant increase in the life span of the patient happens after the surgery. MGM Healthcare boasts an impressively high success rate for deceased donor liver transplants in Chennai and India. It is one of the best liver transplant hospitals in India, equipped with the best liver transplant surgeons. Our patient stories inspire thousands by alleviating their will to live. With extensive commitment and collaboration from eminent clinical faculty, the Institute of Liver Diseases, Transplant & HPB Surgery transforms lives.

With extensive commitment and collaboration from eminent clinical faculty, the department has created impact and enhanced patients’ lives. The institute has the access to multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals having cumulative experience of 3000+ liver transplants enables to provide the best quality of treatment and patient satisfaction. Having a specific ambulatory pathway and aero emergency services, swift transportation to bring in a cadaver liver is made possible thus making MGM Healthcare to be one of the best hospital in India for deceased donor liver transplantation.